Upcoming Schedule

You guys know I don’t blog here often. Sorry bout that. Haha. But here’s a little update of some of my favorite recent pictures! :) And scroll down to see my upcoming schedule and what days I’ll be off work…I’m going to have a puppy (YAY!) in the next couple months, so I will be trying my best to not overbook! ;)

August – mostly full – email me soon if you’re wanting to book something!

September & October – I have a few openings for regular shoots, and mini shoots would be best! I will be looking into getting my puppy and staying home to train him around early October most likely.

November – Off work the 17th-26th for Thanksgiving break. The rest is pretty much open!

December – I won’t be taking any shoots past December 12th, so if you want Christmas cards, book early! I’ll be finishing up Christmas editing and I’ll be off work December 12th-31st. If it’s cold, I’ll likely be off all of January too. :)

Also – if you’re interested in a mini shoot that you can bring your dog along on, email me soon! I have a few spots left!


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