Important Updates for 2017

Hey, friends! Before the new year hits, I wanted to give you all a little heads up on some important changes for CaitPhoto next year. After 8 years of trying to be a flexible, people-pleasing workaholic, I am giving myself a structure that forces me to have more free time because I am consistently the absolute worst at saying no. ;) I’ve loved being able to call this my full-time job, but it’s time I take a little break. 2016 was a pretty hard year for us, and the more shoots I booked, the less “Caitlin” I felt. Working two jobs as much as possible made my stress level a tad overwhelming, and I owe my husband, my family, and friends a better version of Caitlin next year. :)

Starting in 2017, I will no longer be doing shoots during the week except for family and friends. It’s become too chaotic trying to schedule things along with my second job. I’m going to open up one or two Saturdays a month for shoots, and that’s all. I will continue to work with my clients who have already booked baby’s first year packages that aren’t yet finished, but I won’t be taking any shoots during the week for new clients. I will fit in as many shoots as I can on my open Saturdays, but once I’m full, I’ll refer you to some talented friends. :) If enough people have a conflict with Saturdays, I might consider opening one weekday a month as well. And for now – I’m taking a break (except for those shoots or packages that are already booked or those who have already talked to me about a shoot) until April. I’ll post the available Saturday dates (here and on Facebook) some time after the new year! All open dates will be first come, first served!┬áThis little break will also allow me some time to plan for some more “fun” shoots – styled┬ámini sessions, charity fundraisers, etc. If you have any suggestions or new things you’d like to see offered, feel free to comment or send me an email!

Pricing isn’t too different for 2017, but what was previously weekend pricing will now be the only pricing. (Again, this doesn’t apply to already booked shoots and baby package clients!) Both sessions still come with all files and a print release. If you’d like to buy a gift certificate at this year’s pricing, email me before the year ends, and I’ll honor those for 2017!

Mini sessions – $150
20-25 minutes of shooting
20-30 final photos

Standard sessions – $250
60-90 minutes of shooting
50-100 final photos

Thank you all so much for letting me be a small part of your lives. I have loved laughing with your families, crying at your weddings, snuggling your babies, and capturing your memories. I’ve been so blessed by you all, and I look forward to what’s still to come. Thanks for your understanding as I take this break to recharge my batteries and enjoy some much-needed downtime. :) I’ll keep you posted. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

And here’s a virtual Christmas card to keep this post from being all words. ;)




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