I have a new project to show you! I have always loved the video aspect of my camera, but have rarely had the opportunity to use it. My sweet friend Melissa and her boyfriend Josh were kind enough to be my models for this video project, and this leads to announcement 1: These new lifestyle videos are going to be offered as an option to add on to shoots or just for fun. :) Look for more information in the pricing tab soon. These are half video/half shoot essentially. I love how this first one turned out!

Melissa + Josh from Caitlin Boswell on Vimeo.

Announcement 2: I am going to be taking less weddings in 2014 and on…I’d like more time to focus on each one, and that means accepting less. I also like the idea of having some free weekends in the summer. ;) I have had a blast with the 75+ weddings I’ve been a part of over the last few years, but I look forward to focusing on fewer per year and focusing on more portraits. That being said…brides. Email me immediately if you’re getting married in 2014 and want me to shoot your wedding. ;) I will still be booking engagement shoots like crazy because they are my very favorite, and obviously I will still do as many family/children/portrait shoots as possible! :)

Announcement 3: May is full – now booking portraits for the rest of the summer!

And here are a few recent faves. :)


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